About Company

The Company was incorporated in 1997 under the Companies Act of India for providing comprehensive architectural consultancy services. The aim of setting up the consultancy was to undertake large government and private projects. It was decided to achieve this with a small core office of about a dozen committed professionals. The large workload was to be shared with likeminded committed satellite architectural practices all over India and abroad.

We have several satellite offices and associates at Lucknow, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bhopal and Madrid (Spain). Besides, we have several consultants for building services, structural designs, landscaping designs and estimating. The whole system is based on the principle of fair business practices. The creativity of ‘Cosmic Designs’ is embodied in the design work they create. They believe in taking chances even if these lead to unfamiliar design territory. The design is examined thoroughly from all aspects and points of view.

About Ar. D.S. Bhui

Born when India was on the verge of independence and studied in the city of Chandigarh – the symbol of India’s 'Tryst with Destiny’. The young mind was instilled with real Corbusier buildings more so the building of the college itself was designed by Le Corbusier. The workshop like studios with uniform north light, sketching outings to bring Corbusiers “capital complex” on paper made a deep impression on the young articulate mind. Professional training in the office of renowned Indian Architect Charles Correa also contributed to the modernist thought of the mind of this student. He came face to face with Sarto Almeida’s strong resolution of regionalism with modern techniques of construction during his six months sojourn at Goa. This opened up new layers in his mind.

The journey of learning still continues after years of intense working on projects of large magnitude and travel in India and to architectural Meccas of Europe and far east. This professional journey began with design of buildings in a half built University campus in Punjab. The next important milestone was working for a government corporation as its head for about twenty-five years in the last quarter of the last century. The dictionary of images stacked in a corner of the mind started taking shape in the form of buildings at a speed which surprised even this mind. So many categories – housing, sports, institutional and offices were designed in dozens. It gave an in depth understanding of the working of the government sector.

One always had to apply Samuel Johnson’s phrase “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome” The current phase has dawned after six decades of life and four decades of intense in depth involvement with architecture. The theme of the current phase is now not to become the victim of that what is possible. One has to go beyond and into the realm of impossible. But still go on designing and building.